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Preliminary Program of the ATVtweetup

ATV3 docking to the ISS is scheduled for 00.54 CET, 29 March 2012 (within a window of 45 minutes)

The tweetup takes places at CNES/CST Toulouse, France

Start: Wednesday, 28 March at 18.00 CET

End: approx. 2.30 CET, Thursday 29 March

Preliminary Schedule


There are two ways to travel to CST:

We will provide a free shuttle bus between central Toulouse and CST.

The meeting location will be the intersection of allée Jean Jaurès and the Boulevard de Strasbourg, just in front of the Air France office located at 2, Boulevard de Strasbourg.


The bus will depart promptly at 17:00CET, 28 March, and will NOT wait, so you should arrive at the meeting point beforehand.

The bus will return after the Tweetup, departing CST at about 02:30 on 29 March.

The meeting point/times may change somewhat and will be confirmed in a later email and via @SpaceTweetup.

You may drive to the main gate of CST, located at 18, avenue Edouard Belin in Toulouse. See:

You should plan to arrive at the main gate no later than 18:00 and ideally 17:30 to check in with security. Once you have checked in with security, you will be invited by security agents to park your vehicle.

Our Tweetup room is in the Leonard da Vinci building, and will be open starting at 18:00 CET.

Your bags, rucksacks and equipment may be inspected.

Please note that, in any event, you may not enter the Centre spatial de Toulouse after 20:00.


Home base for the SpaceTweetup activities on 28-29 March will be a dedicated SpaceTweetup room located in the Leonardo da Vinci building at CST. It will be equipped with Wi-Fi, power outlets, tables and chairs and live video including a feed from the main ATV control room.

A coffee break will be provided, and water, juice and coffee as well as light snacks will be available during the evening.

A buffet will be provided after docking on 29 March. You may wish to bring a bag lunch or other food, particularly if you have any special dietary/food requirements.


We expect to begin the Tweetup activities at approximately 18:30. The programme will include information briefings and Q&A sessions combined with visits to the ATV Control Centre, located in the Fermat building, and a moderated presentation of the actual docking via video feed.

The programme is foreseen to end at about 01:45, followed by an informal networking buffet. The shuttle bus will be available to return to Toulouse city centre at ~02:30.


We will have free Wi-Fi available for each participant (one login/password works only for one terminal at a time).

Tweetup attendees should charge their electronic devices before the event. Power will not be available during the guided tour of the ATV Control Centre but will be available throughout night at the Tweetup room.

Cameras, video cameras and tripods are allowed. Participants are responsible for the security of their cameras, laptops and other valuables at all times. While the Tweetup room will be a restricted access area, CNES and ESA accept no responsibility in case of theft.

Portions of the SpaceTweetup may be broadcast/webcast/recorded by CNES/ESA and by outside media. Photos, videos and other recordings will be posted online during and/or after the event (links will be communicated later). To this end, you may be photographed or videoed during the event.

Please assist us by staying with the SpaceTweetup group throughout the night. Please follow all instructions provided by CNES officials, especially related to safety or security.


Please keep up to date as the SpaceTweetup programme evolves. Follow @CNES_france, @ESA, @esa_fr and @SpaceTweetup on Twitter to receive regular updates.

We will also post news via:


Please be prepared for a full evening, regardless of weather, including walking and moving about. You will meet many interesting and passionate professionals involved in space and see a truly magnificent European success story – a live ATV docking. You may wish to record these experiences or even tweet a bit! In the very least, bring a camera, a laptop or portable device for tweeting.

Things to bring – a short list:


A coffee break and a buffet will be served; water, juice and coffee will be available throughout the night. If you have special dietary requirements, you are strongly urged to bring your own bagged lunch.

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