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You are not coming to #AndreTweetup but want to stay in touch from remote? @HenningKrause will do a Google+ hangout. Please put your name in this list if you are interested in taking part in this G+ hangout. You need to have a Google+ account, webcam and headset for this. Further details to be provided later.

The AndreTweetup Google+ hangout will begin at 1600 CEST / 1400 UT. The hangout will not cover the inflight call with the ISS itself but report on the AndreTweetup that took place at ESTEC earlier today. Livestream of the ISS live call starts 17.25 CEST / 15.25 UT here:

15.58 CEST: Trying to set up a G+ hangout for the #AndreTweetup. Unfortunately disconnects every 10 sec. Troubleshooting it. Sorry. Please stand by. --Henning

Google+ Hangout:

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