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14 September 2012: #ILAtweetup at ILA Berlin Airshow, Berlin, Germany by DLR and ESA

Invitations to the selected participants have been sent out on 17 August 2012.

Please add here confirmed participants here (table sorted in random sequence), or see the official twitter list.

ILATweetup Participants

Twitter handle Name Country Description
@sixtus Mario Sixtus Germany Journalist, Autor, Video- & Photographer
@rangsen Ragnar Vogt Germany Journalist, Videoproduzent, Biologe. Betreibt mit @overturf die Firma @nufanfilm
@protofALk fALk Germany prototype artificial lifeform
@Schmierwurst KC_Schmierwurst Germany I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons.
@sondenkind sondenkind  ? multifacetted entitiy trapped in an oroboric hamster wheel roaming about babylonian undergrowths towards event horizons ever anew in seeming
@CaoilinnS Claudia Bothe Germany Student of sociology, political science and economics. Interested in life sciences, space and several further subjects #spacetweetup alumna
@metodoludovico Dr. Brodsky  ? Moderno pero español.
@ch_lob Christoph Germany Erst Aachen, dann Hagen, dann Münsterland und jetzt Berlin.
@LindaL72 Linda Netherlands Mom of 2 kids, fin. controller/RA, Zumba, running, #Spacetweetup alumnus, astronomy, travelling
@jensbest jensbest Germany writer, social media maniac, scifi-fan, diver, worldlover It's just a ride. It's just a ride.
@JustBe74 Joachim Baptist Belgium Seeking to become the Borg and staying human, ESA/DLR/OEWF SpaceTweetUp alumnus, @SpaceUnites founder, @spaceupeu organiser, Proud citizen of planet earth, The Outsider
@Ian_Benecken Ian Benecken Germany Former Raumfahrer.Net journalist+tweeter. Now tweeting for my own!
@starlingLX Alex von Eckartsberg Germany engineer, questioner, explorer, outside-the-box thinker, big fan of our planet, human spaceflight and common sense
@chrias_ Chris Germany Student mit so vielen Nebeninteressen, dass er sich immer gut vom Arbeiten abzulenken weiß
@CK_eins Christian Kahle Germany Pressefuzzi, Blogger, Fliegende Luftbrücke] Die Welt von der Theke aus erkunden...
@MION1977 Ondrej Michalak Czech Republic Photographer, e-Astronomer and Climber. #SpaceTweetup, #ILAtweetup
@projmgr Rob Drysdale Canada Project/Program Manager interested in PM, BA, Science, Engineering and SPACE! Part-time @VenusBarbie wrangler. #NASASocial #NASAJuno #SpaceTweetup #ILATweetup
@antenne_berlin antenne Germany Berlin is in Europe.
@Ssaev Sev Germany Space & Planetarium fan; working @ Planetarium Jena. Bild cc-by-nc-sa 3.0 (
@ClemensWeins Clemens Weins Germany PR DFKI-Berlin, W3C-Office Germany/Austria, Informare Program Committee, Information Science, Social Media, Chance-Seer, Politics 2.0, Public Relations
@CosmoCat Chahira Nouira Germany Working @UN University in Bonn, Germany. Interested in Edu, Languages, Singing, Music, Tech.Toastmaster. Tweets here express my opinions only!
@thomas_wiegold thomas_wiegold Germany MilBlogging auf Deutsch
@RNTechnician Thomas Wehr Germany watch #spacelivecast on [1]
@timmermansr Remco Timmermans Netherlands Space 2.0 and Social Media Advocate / Arctic Expeditions / Sustainable Tourism / Community by Tweetup: #STS135 #NASASocial #CNESTweetup #SpaceTweetup #SoyuzTweetup #AuroraTweetup / @SpaceUpEU Organizer
@billionyearold benedicte Norway Billion year old carbon. Fickle obsessions. Usually studying literature and staring into the cosmos.
@gregorsedlag Gregor Sedlag Germany Illustrator, Graphik Designer, Comicautor und Risszeichner, PHUTURAMA Space Design-Blog; conceptioneer c-base Raumstation Berlin
@spacemen1969 Stephane SEBILE France
@zeigor Igor Schwarzmann Germany urbanized knowmad. i want to know everything about everything. co-founder of @thirdwaveberlin & @cocities.
@mrschtief Mister Schtief Germany professional IT guy, cook, post-privacy, social socialmedia, jemeinsam, immopoly, Berlin Connaisseur.. Patschehändchen of @dinovansaurier & daddy of Lilo
@Sterne_Weltraum Sterne und Weltraum Germany Das Magazin für Astronomie und Raumfahrt aus dem Hause Spektrum der Wissenschaft. Aus der Redaktion twittern Uwe Reichert (UR) und Felicitas Mokler (FM).
@Gernot Gernot Germany Hello, world.
@Susivic Susanne Netherlands Jurist ruimtelijke ordening [2] / milieurecht / gebiedsontwikkeling / astronomie [3] / ruimtevaart / spacetweep / lifehacker
@peSHIr Jarno Peschier Vleuten, the Netherlands Developer of Windows (Phone) apps, auto-diagnosed Asperger, online busy-body, married, 2 cats, interested in (space)flight, Klingon language and then some.. / ESTEC #SpaceTweetup / Dachstein #MarsTweetup / Fraunhofer TIRA
@4tuneQkie Alex Frankfurt, Germany Born with itchy feet & fond of discovering world&space #Shuttle #STS115 #124 (#134) #135 #SpaceTweetup #AndreTweetup #ILATweetup @LightspeedLeo #PinkLittleDragon
@ScienceNelson Sue Nelson UK Science writer and broadcaster, co-founder Space Boffins Podcast, Producer/Presenter Planet Earth Podcast, former BBC science correspondent.
@Airnavigator Javi Montes Spain Aeronavegante, inversor de El Cosmonauta, procrastinador nato, y cosmo-aerotrastornado.
@Tweetoese Tweetoese Germany Übersetzerin und Texterin. Außerdem Mitglied der großartigen @PTScientists, deren Tweets man allerdings nur als Weltraum-Nerd ertragen kann.
@modern_dragon modern_dragon Germany sängerin. queere femme. asatrú. geek with guitar. linux lover. freundin der bemannten raumfahrt.
@henningkrause Henning Krause Germany Some guy who gaffer taped CamillaSDO to an umbrella on #SpaceTweetup No. 1. Netizen, Cyclist, Podcast and Science enthusiast. Daytime job: Spreading some Space Awesomeness over more Science fields. During night time: ISS photo hunter
@holgi Holgi Germany Ich werde von etwas als Behausung benutzt!
@kanarkusmaximus kanarkusmaximus Poland Who? Where? Why? How?
@imperator_jarek Jarosław Jaworski Poland College student, member of the Student Space Association, writer at @kosmonauta_net, Alumnus of ESA BEXUS 10, ESEO and #ATVtweetup. Poland NPoC for [4]
@Nienor86 Nienor86 Germany Qualifikation: erfolgreich abgebrochenes Informatikstudium \o/
@matthiasfromm Matthias Fromm Germany Bildung & E-Learning | Rock'n'Roll | Metal | Segeln | Podcaster bei [5], [6] & [7]
@nhaima Simona Forti Italy Astrophysics passionate, nerd, gamer, tea lover, traveller :) Divemaster PADI, Metro Olografix and @GDDRoma staff - 1st ESA #Mars500 #Spacetweetup Alumnus
@rocketelli Eli. Fi. Germany Student at TU Dresden. Working at Astrium Bremen. :)
@dfett42 Daniel F Germany Information Security Geek
@ScienceandSpace ScienceandSpace  ? N/A
@sternwarte_hann Sternwarte Hannover Germany Volkssternwarte Geschwister Herschel Hannover e.V.: aktuelle Veranstaltungsinfos, Astronews & Beobachtungstipps. Es zwitschert @benknispel.
@marco_t Marco Trovatello Germany Online & Social Media communication for [8] & [9]; Netaudio [10]; musician; blogger.
@AndreasSchepers Andreas Schepers Germany Was mit PR für europäische Raketen, Satelliten und Astronauten. #ILAtweetup presenter and part-time student [11]. It's rocket science, baby!
@danielscuka Daniel Scuka Canada Works on SocMed team at ESA/ESOC. Passionate about space! #STS134tweetup #SpaceTweetup #AndreTweetup #ATVtweetup #ILATweetup
@meta_physik Maria Pflug-Hofmayr Austria Graphic-designer ans space nerd, co-founder of Der Orion, Yuri's Night in Vienna, Castle Colloquies, @derorion, #SpaceTweetup, #ILATweetup
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