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18 September 2011, Cologne, Germany

See Twitter list. Table here sorted alphabetically by twitter name.

SpaceTweetup Participants

Twitter account(s) Name Country Twitter Bio / Description
@akanel Angie Kanellopoulou Greece Spacegeek trapped in a lawyer's body... NASA & CERN fan. Confirmed ESA 1st Spacetweetup attendee :-D
@amoroso Paolo Amoroso Italy Astronomy and space educator, science geek
@antertainer Annett Feige Germany ...director marketing of a german space company...loving the beauty... and strangely into space... #spacemissy ...
@Arvid Arvid Bux Netherlands Sittard/Limburg,Blogger,,HP employee but THIS is me, STS-132 KSC Tweetup Alumni, DLR/ESA #SpaceTweetup, tweets in NL&EN.Views are my own
@benneedsholiday Benjamin Gentz Germany Engineer hero who deals with AeroSpace Standardization subjects within and for the DLR research sector.
@brigitte_ba Brigitte Bailleul France Watched STS-131 lift-off from KSC and went back for STS-133, which was scrubbed multiple times. STS-135 #NASATweetup alumn. Invited to the first DLR/ESA #SpaceTweetup and to the CNESTweetup. I blog on the subject of space at Parmi les étoiles. I'm 36 years old (for a few more weeks), and the proud mother of two sons (6 & 8 yrs old). I work as a freelance copywriter.
@cazurro Carlos Cazurro Spain Fotógrafo | Desarrollador web | Conspiranoico perdido
@charlottepoupon Charlotte Poupon France I'm student in industrial design (ENSCI-Les Ateliers / Paris) [1], working on Extrem, Unusual, Isolated & Confined Environments (like submarines, polar Bases and space ships). I've boarded in a submarine for a four-dayed mission and I went to Antarctica for a logistic expedition [2]. You can read here [3] about my research, or have a look on my Book & Blog [4]. Can wait to meet you all in Cologne !
@cosmos4u Daniel Fischer Germany All things astronomy and space (and then some) - in tiny bits and pieces but mostly with links to more ... :-)
@cpamoa Anne Grudzien France Maman au foyer d'une petite fille de 5 ans 1/2, ancienne informaticienne, nouvelle space-addict. 1er ESA/DLR SpaceTweetUp / 1er CNES TweetUp
@craftlass Craft Lass USA A renaissance man trapped inside a modern woman. Singer/songwriter with a passion for inner and outer exploration of many kinds. Living tweetup. Check out my website
@datachick Karen Lopez Canada Sr. Project Manager & Architect,Traveler & NASATweetup: STS-134, NASAJuno. ESA DLR SpaceTweetup. Microsoft MVP. Love Your Data!
@digitalmeteo Emilio Rey Spain Twitter weatherman. We have all the time in the world to help you...
@drlucyrogers Lucy Rogers UK/USA Engineer, Astronomer, Author. Working on Space Debris. Space Debris Website
@eiersalat Sebastian Müller Germany Aus Orlen. Jetzt Trier. Coding Ninja. Mac Maniac. iPhone Gamer. Doku Freak.
@fischblog Lars Fischer Germany Autor, Science-Nerd & professioneller Besserwisser, Redakteur bei spektrumdirekt. Alle hier geäußerten Ansichten sind meine eigenen, nicht die der Redaktion.
@floheinstein Florian Mauchle Switzerland loves tablet pcs, gadgets, law, snow, sci fi, Digitalpolitik
@flyingjenny and @endlessBBQ Jen Scheer USA Former Space Shuttle technician. Artist, photographer, inventor. Space Tweep Society founder, @YurisNight & @FragileOasis contributor, 2010 Shorty Award winner.
@giniexxcee Virginie Courbin France 24 years old. French. Photographer. EMT. Astronomy and cinema geek. Living with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Social networks addict! [1st ESA TweetUp attendee]
@gravinaut Christian Lüthen The Netherlands [ #SpaceSmiles ambassador ] [ #SpaceTweetUp & #SpaceKoelsch attendee ] [ Human Spaceflight & Exploration Enthusiast ] [ HobbyPhotographer ] [ Tanguero ]
@Herrea Chris Shaffer USA Former KSC Space Shuttle Worker, #SpaceTweep, #EndlessBBQ cofounder, Geek, #NASATweetup #STS132 Alumni, SciFi/Technology Fan, Traveler & Thrill Seeker
@hirnrinde Stefan Evertz Germany Social media, Barcamp and other events, Diving. Online since 1994. And still loving it. But it's still true: Life is better off the Grid!
@HollandSpaceCen Roland Taams Netherlands Holland Space Center communicate and educate Space and Astronomy for youngsters! Follow us! Inspired by European Space Agency. Attendee #spacetweetup Sept18
@johnniemojo John Richards UK IT,SQL & DW specialist.Tech & Desire HD junkie,Welsh rugby & cricket fan,astronomer & astronaut wannabe (saw STS133 @ causeway). ESA 1st Spacetweetup attendee.
@JustBe74 Joachim Baptist Belgium Seeking to become the Borg and staying human. Love life and have only one problem: way too many interests. Higher meaning or goals is what it is about.
@Katti Kathrin Grannemann Germany ESA Nordwijk Visitor, space aficinado, chief editor for
@larsan Lars Andresen Germany studiert was mit Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik
@larswienand Lars Wienand Germany 140-Zeichen-Setzer bei der @rheinzeitung - auch sonst sozial-medial, dann & wann bloggend unter
@lynnvr Lynn van Rooijen Netherlands Astronomy, astrophotography, exoplanets. Chair KNVWS 't Gooi (Dutch Astro Asc), NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, STS-135 JSC Tweetup, DLR/ESA #SpaceTweetup
@marcozambi Marco Zambianchi Italy Space enthusiast and proud father and husband. ISAA Association & founder. columnist & webmaster.
@martincco Martin Stojanovski Macedonia Amateur astronomer, member and president of the Skopje Astronomical Society. Writing popular astronomical texts, astrophotographer, explorer of nature and mountains.
@maxplanckpress Michael Frewin Germany Innovative fundamental scientific research - Max Planck Society press office, Munich.
@meta_physik and @DerOrion Maria Pflug-Hofmayr Austria space-nerd, graphic-designer, streitbare Emanze, notorische Klugscheisserin; Astronomy + Spaceflight: @DerOrion and; grün, kein Doktortitel
@mfrissen Marco Frissen Netherlands Rocketry - Photography - Writing - Bibble Survival Guide - Rowing & Running - Podcasting - Tech45 - Vodafone - Blogger - Apple - Nikon - Ulestraten - Space
@nhaima Simona Forti Italy Astrophysics and astronomy passionate, community manager, tea lover and scuba diver :) 1st ESA/DLR Spacetweetup attendee :D
@nickastronomer Nick Howes UK @astronomynow Equipment Consultant, FRAS, Author, R&D Test Engineer..Used to work with the pop group Ultravox.
@olidax and @oewf Olivia Haider Austria #spacetweetup attendee, Rio Tinto Mars Simulation 2011 Campaign. Building Mars spacesuit simulator. Network for space professionals & space interested people.
@pikarl Karl Urban Germany Space geek, science journalist, geoscientist, founder of @Raumfahrer_net
@PTScientists and @Ziegenberg Daniel Ziegenberg Austria We are a Germany-based team of scientists and engineers aiming to send a rover to the Moon by 2013!
@Raumfahrer_net Klaus Donath Germany German space portal founded in 2001, large space community
@ResearchEurope Inga Vesper UK EU research policy news from Brussels and beyond!
@rocketman528 Jeffrey Wallace USA CTO, athlete, author, chef: Saving the world 1 project at a time:) World Marathon Majors runner. NASA STS-133, Ames, Goddard, JPL, SOFIA & 1st ESA Tweetups!
@Scoop_Girl Andreea Teoharescu Belgium Video Producer and Social Media Enthusiast. Former News Journalist. Public Relations. Free lance. Free thinker. Owner at iSpark. Aspiring Lobbyist.
@SimSullen Simon Bierwald Germany Photographer. Netlabel Guy. Ex Night Porter. Semiprofessional Idler. Professional in Universal Amateurism.
@smarcu Sebastian Marcu Germany MD of Design & Data GmbH. Filled with great ideas, Inspired by life. Interested in all things digital, media, politics, science and savoir vivre.
@SpaceKate and @RadioKate Kate Arkless Gray UK Alter-ego of Broadcast Journalist @RadioKate. I want to go to space. There has to be a way. Help me find it.
@SpaceMike Mike O'Hara USA Dreamer of Space, Space Advocate, Rocketeer. Evangelizing the benefits of space exploration wherever I go and to whomever I meet.
@SpaceRaceKids Matthias Schmitt USA Out of this world animated web series about space education, travel and racing!
@Sterne_Weltraum Uwe Reichert Germany Sterne und Weltraum ist das Magazin von und für Profi- und Amateurastronomen aus dem Hause Spektrum der Wissenschaft. Aus der Redaktion twittert Uwe Reichert
@stirn Alexander Stirn Germany Freelance science and technology writer for several German newspapers and magazines. Usually a guest at press conferences, press sites, press trips, now for the first time at a tweeetup.
@tijz Tijs Vanduffel Belgium Vader van 2 fantastische dochters - Owner & FA @Askari - Telco - Pukkelpop - Space geek - Music fan - Hiker - Runner - All ears
@timmermansr Remco Timmermans Netherlands Father of two (9 and 11, including one little spacegeek!). Owner and Arctic Expedition Leader at Expedition Factory and tourism trend watcher and adviser at Future Matters. STS-79 scrubbed-launch KSC and STS-135 launch #NASATweetup attendee. Organizer of November 2011 TMA-03M launch trip to Baikonur Cosmodrome #SoyuzTweetup
@travelholic Eico Neumann Germany Space + Travel. Hoping to do both together sometime... Veteran of #STS115 & #STS124, #SDOisGO turned #NASAroadtrip, #STS135 #NASAtweetup, Soon 1st #SpaceTweetup
@twisst and @tjaap Jaap Meijers Netherlands Journalist and allround creative person. Likes paper as much as tech. Creator of @twisst ISS tracker. Teaches writing classes. #STS135 #NASATweetup alumnus!
@unkreativnet Stefan Meiners Germany Photographer, Blogger and Deep Space fan. Where will we go to?
@UN_SPIDER Peter Stumpf Germany United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response
@videopunk Markus Huendgen Germany Journalist, Geek of all Video-Trades, Living Beta
@WeltDerPhysik Jens Kube Germany Die Redaktion von [ Welt der Physik]: JK Jens Kube, LL Lisa Leander, MP Maike Pollmann
@wicho Javier Pedreira Spain Geek a tiempo casi completo, aerotrastornado confeso y sin remedio, y fotógrafo aficionado. También tengo un blog. #STS135 #NASATweetup @ESA #SpaceTweetup
@zebramaedchen Rin Räuber Germany Die schalten das Internet eh ab. / meatspace introvert, internet extrovert. Mag Streifen, Züge, Software, Sonne und Tee. English account: @rinrae


Twitter account(s) Name Country, ESA/DLR Twitter Bio / Description
@AndreasSchepers and @esa_de Andreas Schepers Germany, ESA Ich mach' was mit Medien, Satelliten und Astronauten. Freies Elektron im Spreeblick-Universum. Frankfurt am Main. It's Rocket Science, Baby!
@danielscuka and @esaoperations Daniel Scuka Germany, ESA Passionate about space. Unreconstructed vegetarian. Works for EJR-Quartz on ESA's communication team at ESOC, Germany.
@ericarolfe and @esa Erica Rolfe Italy, ESA MD EJR-Quartz, chief online publisher for ESA
@ESA_ES Arantxa Alonso Spain, ESA Communications Office, ESA/ESAC
@ESA_Italia Fulvio Drigani Italy, ESA Head of Communications ESA/ESRIN, responsible for ESA Social Media Strategy
@ESA_Italia Lorena Martino Italy, ESA Communications Office, ESA/ESRIN
@henningkrause, @DLR_de and @DLR_en Henning Krause Germany, DLR Netizen, Cyclist, Science Communication for German Aerospace Center, Editor & social media fuss
@marco_t, @DLR_de and @DLR_en Marco Trovatello Germany, DLR Deputy Head of Communications, Head Crossmedia & Social Media Management for DLR German Aerospace Center. Passionate about Science communication. Loves Space - but also indie music & film, digital stuff ... and old vinyl.
@jlconst Jocelyne Landeau-Constantin Germany, ESA EAC/ESOC Head of Communications, ESA Corporate Communication Office

Special Guests

Twitter account(s) Name where from Twitter Bio / Description
@bethbeck Beth Beck USA, NASA NASA: Space Operations Outreach Manager. Inspire others with the drama & magic of space. Turn off TV. Watch heavens unfold.
@Camilla_SDO Camilla Corona SDO All over the place I am Camilla Corona SDO, NASA SDO's Mission Mascot. I help with Education & Public Outreach and I train to fly to Space.
@Philae2014 Rosetta's Philae Lander Interplanetary Space In 2014 Philae will land on a comet as part of the European space mission Rosetta. Philae is operated by the DLR Microgravity User Support Center in Cologne.
@SOFIAtelescope SOFIA California on 45,000+ feet Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy by @NASA and @DLR_en
@schierholz Stephanie Schierholz Washington DC, USA, NASA NASA Social Media Manager at HQ and organizer of the successful #NASATweetup's. One of the people behind @NASA and @NASATweetup. Awed by the wonder of the universe; motivated by how we can get out there. Love soccer, gardening, snowboarding, Denver Broncos, family.
@timpritlove Tim Pritlove Germany, Metaebene Personal Media Moderator of Raumzeit Podcast (DLR/ESA)


Twitter account(s) Name Country Twitter Bio / Description
@astroironmike Michael Fincke USA, NASA Colonel, USAF and NASA Astronaut (ISS Expedition 9 and 18, Soyuz TMA-4 and TMA-13, Space Shuttle STS-134)
@astro_box Gregory Johnson USA, NASA NASA Astronaut (STS-123 and STS-134)
@astro_cady Catherine Coleman USA, NASA NASA Astronaut (ISS Expedition 26/27, Soyuz TMA-20, Space Shuttle STS-73, STS-93)
@astro_paolo Paolo Nespoli Italy, ESA European Space Agency Astronaut (ISS Expedition 26/27, Soyuz TMA-20, Space Shuttle STS-120)
@astro_taz Gregory E. Chamitoff USA, NASA NASA Astronaut (ISS Expedition 17/18, Space Shuttle STS-124, STS-126, STS-134)
@rocketeddy Ed Trollope Germany, DLR British rocket scientist living & working in Germany
@AstroSamantha Samantha Cristoforetti Italy, ESA European Space Agency astronaut. Italian Air Force officer.Training to fly to the ISS one day. Honoured to be part of the great endeavour of space exploration.
@Astro_Luca Luca Parmitano Italy, ESA I'm a European astronaut of Italian nationality. I'm currently training for ISS expedition 36.
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