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9 October 2011, Noordwijk, Netherlands

See the Twitter list. Table here in random order.

ESTEC SpaceTweetup Participants

Twitter account(s) Name Country Twitter Bio / Description
@starlingLX Alex von Eckartsberg Germany Engineer, questioner, explorer, outside-the-box thinker, big fan of our planet, human spaceflight and common sense. Space Camp alumna, witness of STS-88, STS-93, STS-95, STS-96 and STS-103
@TimmermansR Remco Timmermans Netherlands Father, arctic explorer at Expedition Factory, tourism futurist and dedicated space public outreach ambassador. I organize a trip to Andre Kuipers' Soyuz launch in December 2011. Saw STS-1 on TV, STS-79 on the pad and STS-135 launch at NASATweetup! ESA/DLR SpaceTweetup and Ariane VA204 CNESTweetup alumnus
@HollandSpaceCen Roland Taams Netherlands Holland Space Center communicate and educate Space and Astronomy for youngsters! Follow us! Inspired by European Space Agency. Attendee ESA/DLR #spacetweetup Sept18.
@katti Kathrin Grannemann Germany Chief Editor at, amateur photographer, food blogger, geek girl and space enthusiast from Bochum, Germany. ESA/DLR SpaceTweetup alumnus
@aSpaceboy aka @HenkBoes Henk Boes Netherlands I am a Space Geek, from Amsterdam Holland, age 40. Inspired by the launch of the first Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels in 1985 (STS-61A) and the adventures of Voyagers I & II. Currently, member of the Amsterdam-South (Borough) city council and owner of advisory @BoesAdvies
@WimVO Wim Van Oudenhove Belgium Lost my head in space ever since Phoenix landed on Mars, Huygens parachuted down to Titan, and Curiosity got assembled at JPL.
@SimSullen Simon Bierwald Germany Photographer from Dortmund, Germany. ESA/DLR #awesome #SpaceTweetup veteran. loves music, internet, & the universe.
@CaoilinnS Claudia Bothe Germany I'm a 24yo college student of social sciences, always been interested in space. I love scuba diving and general aviation as well. #SpaceKoelsch alumnus
@lynnvr Lynn van Rooijen-McCullough Netherlands Enthusiastic Spacetweep, STS-135 & ESA/DLR Tweetup, astrophotographer, chairman of Gooi Chapter of Royal Netherlands Association for Meteorology and Astronomy, JPL/NASA Solar System Ambassador for the Benelux
@wverlaan Wouter Verlaan Netherlands Spacetweep. Attended STS-125. Rocketry. Like watching the ISS, prefering being there for a midweek
@twisst aka @tjaap Jaap Meijers Netherlands Journalist and creator of @twisst, which tells 36000 people in 160 countries when they can see the International Space Station pass over their heads. STS-135 NASATweetup and ESA/DLR SpaceTweetup alumnus
@peSHIr Jarno Peschier Netherlands Windows Phone 7 software developer and general online busy-body with a keen interest in both flight and the world(s) around him
@jnnvngst Jo-Ann van Geest Netherlands Steunraadslid/bestuur PvdA Maassluis, moeder, carriere, geloof in de mens, voedingsmiddelen, voeding en gezondheid, duurzaamheid, tuinontwerp, dans
@Stanland aka @SpaceTrails Edgar Stanland Netherlands 38 year old biomedical engineer from Almere, the Netherlands. Moderator of @SpaceTrails and @ISS_Missions twitter accounts and Spacetrails Spaceblog. Spacegeek since the 80's, visited Kennedy Space Center last year to witness STS-132 launch. Excited to be at the ESTEC spacetweetup.
@LindaL72 Linda Lemmens Netherlands Ambassador of Maastricht, curious, wannabe astronomer, big fan of real stars, travel addict
@zonnekijkster Jip Lambermont Netherlands Sungazer and owner of xyzon, bringing popular astrophysics to the Eindhoven region.
@otterhouse Rolf den Otter Netherlands Stuck somewhere between Bach and Babylon. Loves Classical music LP's, Ska and Reggae. Can't choose between English or Dutch. Can't choose about anything, BTW…
@ruthie147 Ruth McAvinia Ireland A freelance journalist who has swapped snooker commentary for space studies. She also likes stormchasing and reading, although not at the same time. STS-135 NASATweetup alumnus
@benneedsholiday Benjamin Gentz Germany Hero of Our Time. Welchen Wochentag haben wir? Wohin fliegen wir? ESA/DLR SpaceTweetup alumnus
@SRON_space Tessa Knaake Netherlands SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research develops and uses innovative technology for groundbreaking scientific research in space. Part of NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research)
@mfrissen Marco Frissen Netherlands freelance writer, Tech45 podcaster, photographer, model rocketeer, science and space geek. Overall nice guy.. ESA/DLR SpaceTweetup alumnus


Twitter account(s) Name Country Twitter Bio / Description
@esascience and @esa_nl Mareike Homfeld ESA Netherlands ESTEC Science and Robotic Exploration Communication Officer and @SpaceTweetup
@mariiabennett and @ESA Maria Bennett ESA Netherlands ESTEC Communications and @SpaceTweetup
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