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Please add here confirmed participants of the Dachstein Marstweetup 28 April 2012 @Obertraun

See Twitter list. Table here sorted alphabetically by twitter name.

MarsTweetup Participants

Twitter account(s) Name Country Twitter Bio / Description
@akanel Angie Kanellopoulou ‏ Greece Business lawyer by day, science geek by..default! #SpacetweepSociety, #STS134 Uturn,1st #SpaceTweetup & #Mars500tweetup Alumnus. Travelling the world for science. SpaceUp Europe organizer
@AndreasKjeldsen Andreas Kjeldsen Denmark Malpracticing medievalist, recently turned to American history and political analysis.
@CaoilinnS Claudia Bothe ‏ Germany College student, enthusiastic in (general) aviation, space and automotive, love scuba diving. #spacetweetup alumna
@gravinaut Christian Lüthen The Netherlands [ #SpaceSmiles ambassador ] [ #SpaceTweetUp & #SpaceKoelsch attendee ] [ Human Spaceflight & Exploration Enthusiast ] [ HobbyPhotographer ] [ Tanguero ]
@spacehuggie SpaceHuggie France I love #SpaceHugs. I would love to hug all #SpaceTweeps around the globe! My Euro #SpaceTweeps friends will help me travel the world to spread #SpaceHugs!
@JustBe74 Joachim Baptist ‏ Belgium Agnostic atheist | ESA/DLR SpaceTweetUp alumnus | Working on @SpaceUpEU
@katti86 Kattia Flores ‏ ‏ Spain Impossible is nothing. Telecom & Aerospace Engineering. Oh la la! Life is beautiful!
@LindaL72 Linda Lemmens‏ ‏ The Netherlands Mother, financial specialist, #ESTEC #Spacetweetup, Maastricht, amateur astronomer
@martincco Martin Stojanovski ‏ ‏ Macedonia Amateur astronomer that loves nature and wonders through the mountains,photographer in free time #AuroraTweetup organizer (Feb 2013)
@olidax Olivia Haider ‏ ‏ Austria #marstweetup organizer #spacetweetup attendee, ISU alumni - SSP09 (ACCESS Mars team project), space geek girl with interested in usability, social media & more
@PC0101 Peter Caltner‏ ‏ Austria Peter Caltner, Interpreter and translator for French and English, free lance. G+:
@peSHIr Jarno Peschier ‏ ‏ The Netherlands Software developer (C#, Windows Phone), auto-diagnosed Asperger, online busy-body, married, 2 cats, model helicopter pilot, Klingon language and then some
@PTScientists Part-Time Scientists‏ Mostly Germany We are a Germany-based team of scientists and engineers aiming to send a rover to the Moon by 2013!
@shephallmassive Annette Remion United Kingdom Im a musical engineer - still working in software, I would like to return to sculpting, I just hope the road is long enough!! (All views my own etc.)
@stiopa Stephan Gerard France Paris
@ScienceandSpace Luz Maria PEREZ France
@Txeme Xosé María Blanco Gómez ‏ ‏ Spain Sociopath Electronic Engineer, .NET Developer ,space-time traveler and awesome brainstormer.
@werenolf Markus Nolf Austria bio -logist, think -oholic, likes to take pictures and document stuff. interested in all things science and technology.
@WimVO Wim Van Oudenhov‏e Belgium Increasingly vegan Space geek, Animal friend, Reiki Healer, Configuration Manager. #ESTEC #SpaceTweetUp @MarsCuriosity #NASATweetup
@jkanel John Kanellopoulos Greece One-line bios aren't really my thing. I go where #spacetweeps tell me to go :-)
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