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Just so we keep track of the self-organised pre-tweetup activities the day before the real thing on Sunday. Here is my plan for the day on Saturday. Two great space events in one day!

Please feel free to add your suggested alternative programs below.

***NOTE: Info on car sharing is on the DISCUSSION page.

Space Hall at Technik Museum Speyer

organiser: Remco Timmermans (@timmermansr)


No minimum or maximum number of attendees, assuming we have sufficient drivers. Further details of the event on the registration page (see below link)

Register here:

Attendees registered::

Brigitte Bailleul (@Brigitte_Ba), Joachim Baptist (@JustBe74) + car, Claudia Bothe (@CaoilinnS), Virginie Courbin (@giniexxcee), Rob Drysdale (@projmgr), Marco Frisssen (@mfrissen) + car, Anne (@cpamoa), Angie Kanellopoulou (@akanel), Karen Lopez (@datachick), Daniel Marín (@Eurekablog), Jaap Meijers (@twisst), Martin Stojanovski (@martincco), Remco Timmermans (@timmermansr) + car, Lynn van Rooijen (@lynnvr) + car, Karl Urban (@pikarl) + car (but starting from Heidelberg)

Amateur astronomy meeting & BBQ @ Public Observatory in Bonn

organiser: Daniel Fischer (@cosmos4u) / Lynn van Rooijen (@lynnvr) local organiser: Paul Hombach, (

max. 20 attendees!

Details at Bonn Observatory website (German)

You don't need to be an (amateur) astronomer to attend - just interested!

For the BBQ: BBQ-sauces, bread and a variety of drinks (including German beer) are provided (donation to observatory appreciated to cover costs) but we need to bring meats for the BBQ ourselves. Shouldn't be a problem to stop at a grocery store since several of us are driving.

Register here:

Attendees registered (Please note - registration is now unfortunately CLOSED as we have exceeded the capacity we have. Only those registered through the link above are formally registered. The list below is just a summary of that list, not a registration):

Brigitte Bailleul (@BrigitteBa) Joachim Baptist (@JustBe74) Simon Bierwald (@SimSullen) Virginie Courbin (@giniexxcee) Kathrin Grannemann (@Katti) Anne (@cpamoa) Angie Kanellopoulou (@akanel) Jaap Meijers (@twisst) Alexandra Neumann (@4tuneQkie) Eico Neumann (@travelholic) Catherine Qualtrough (@CatherineQ) Jen Scheer (@flyingjenny) Raymond Searson (@Fiddlersinbonn) Chris Shaffer (@Herrea) Martin Stojanovski (@martincco) Remco Timmermans (@TimmermansR) Lynn van Rooijen (@lynnvr) Alex von Eckartsberg (@starlingLX) Marco Zambianchi (@marcozambi) Matthias Schmitt (@spaceracekids) Roland Taams (@HollandSpaceCen)

Fieldtrip to the radio telescope Effelsberg

organiser: Peter Stumpf (@UN_SPIDER)/ Simon Bierwald (@SimSullen)

Self-guided visit of the Radiotelecope in Effelsberg ( With at least 10 attendees we could try to book a short presentation at the visitor center. Unfortunately there will be no chance to take a look inside the telescope. There are also different Trails to take a walk around the telescope.

Possible drivers (private cars) from Cologne:

Simon Bierwald (max. 3 pers. & driving to the meeting in Bonn afterwards)

So, who is seriously intrested?

Simon Bierwald, Kathrin Grannemann ...

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