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The programme starts at 10:30 and is due to end at 17:00. The programme will include a bus tour to ESTEC followed by information presentations and Q&A sessions at @SpaceExpo. SpaceTweetup attendees will also get an exclusive hands-on opportunity in the Telerobotics Laboratory.


Time slot Activity
10:30-11:00 Welcome & technical setup at Space Expo, the ESTEC Visitor Center
11:00-12:30 Tour of ESTEC facility. Visit Test Centre, Telerobotics lab, 3D tour ISS
12:30-13:00 Coffee & sandwiches, spacetweeps/twitternauts introductions
13:00-13:30 Meet Franco Ongaro, Director of ESA’s Technology Centre ESTEC
13:30-14:15 Meet @CFuglesang Christer Fuglesang, ESA astronaut, Space Shuttle flights STS-116 (Celsius mission) and STS-128 (Alissé mission) to the ISS
14:15-14:30 Movie presentations at Space Expo Arianezaal: "ESTEC – ESA’s Technical heart” and “Andre Kuipers introduces ESTEC”
14:30-14:50 Walk over to ESA Telerobotics Laboratory
14:50–15:30 Hands-on activities at the ESA Telerobotics Lab
16:00-17:00 Visit SpaceExpo
17:00 End of the SpaceTweetup - don't forget that group picture!

After the official program we can follow @mfrissen for drinks (immediately afterwards) and dinner (from 19:00) at the beach in Katwijk (5 minutes drive).

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