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#SpaceKoelsch @ Gaffel Am Dom


Gaffel Am Dom, in the heart of Köln

Organiser: Daniel Scuka (@esaoperations)


For #SpaceTweetup participants, all other space fans and their friends/family: we have a booking for 30 at the Gaffel Am Dom in central Cologne for Friday, 16 September, 20:00 – 22:30.

It's got a yummy traditional German menu - which means vegetarians will have to make do with Gemüseteller and soup - but at least it isn't too expensive and the Kölsch is cold and plentiful. The evening is strictly pay-as-you-go, so remember to ask the nice waiter for your check... ("Bezahlen, Bitte").

Closer to the date, we can spread the word and encourage some of the ESA & DLR folks who will be in town to drop by.

Please REGISTER (via Amiando) to let us know how many plan to attend - if more than 30 register, We will ring GaD to increase the booking...


SpaceKoelsch registration in Amiando:

Questions or remarks:

Please send your questions or remarks to @esaoperations

Attendees registered (status per 11/9):

Brigitte Bailleul (@Brigitte_Ba) Joachim Baptist (@JustBe74) Claudia Bothe (@CaoilinnS) Björn Brockmann (@designdatagmbh) Virginie Courbin (@giniexxcee) Arthur Dent (@gravinaut) Rob Drysdale (@projmgr) Dan Fisher (@cosmos4u) Marco Frissen (@mfrissen) Anne (@cpamoa) Jan Hattenbach (Not on Twitter) Angie Kanellopoulou (@akanel) Karen Lopez (@datachick) Stefan Meiners (@unkreativnet) Jari Makinen (@jarimakinen) Sebastian Marcu (@smarcu) Jaap Meijers (@twisst) Alexandra Neumann (@LNHare) Eico Neumann (@travelholic) Maria Pflug-Hofmayr (@meta_physik) Rin Raueber (@zebramaedchen) Erica Rolfe (@ESA @ericarolfe) Daniel Scuka (@esaoperations) Chris Shaffer (@herrea) Peter Stumpf (@UN_Spider) Remco Timmermans (@timmermansr) Lynn van Rooijen (@lynnvr) Alex von Eckartsberg (@starlingLX)

Attendees in real time:

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