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#SpaceKoelsch2 - The Return of the SpaceKoelsch

SpaceKoelsch2 QR code - thanks @WimVO


Brauhaus Päffgen, Downtown Cologne, Germany

Google Maps / Next public transport station: Friesenplatz (U-Bahn 3, 4, 5, 12, 15)

Organiser: Henning Krause (@henningkrause)

Facebook event group


Open for #SpaceTweetup participants, all other space fans and their friends/family. Spread the word! Bring all kinds of SpaceTweetup gear, pics, videos, space mascots and awesomeness!

Reports, Photos, Video


If you're joining, please add your name and twitter account (klick on Edit on top of the page). Please sort alphabetically by twitter account name.

  1. @4tuneQkie (Alex Neumann)
  2. @AndreasSchepers (Andreas Schepers)
  3. @avatar (Tim Bartel)
  4. @CaoilinnS (Claudia Bothe)
  5. @cosmos4u (Daniel Fischer)
  6. @cpamoa (Anne)
  7. @danielscuka (Daniel Scuka)
  8. @fischblog (Lars Fischer)
  9. @giniexxcee (Virginie Courbin)
  10. @gravinaut (Christian Lüthen aka Arthur Dent (on FB))
  11. @henningkrause (Henning Krause)
  12. @Honischblume (Andrea Schaub)
  13. @JustBe74 (Joachim Baptist)
  14. @Katti (Kathrin Grannemann)
  15. @LindaL72 (Linda Lemmens)
  16. @marco_t (Marco Trovatello)
  17. @martincco (Martin Stojanovski)
  18. @mfrissen (Marco Frissen)
  19. @nhaima (Simona Forti)
  20. @pikarl (Karl Urban)
  21. @RNTechnician (Thomas Wehr)
  22. @RocketEddy (Ed Trollope)
  23. @Scoop_Girl (Andreea Teoharescu)
  24. @SimSullen (Simon Bierwald)
  25. @smarcu (Sebastian Marcu)
  26. @starlingLX (Alex von Eckartsberg)
  27. @TimmermansR (Remco Timmermans, with @SpaceHuggie)
  28. @travelholic (Eico Neumann)
  29. @UN_SPIDER (Peter Stumpf) @kebap
  30. @unkreativnet (Stefan)
  31. @WimVO (Wim Van Oudenhove)
  32. Alex's Flickr Page (Alex Tudorica)
  33. @??? (Christian Fritzkowski)
  34. @??? (Jan Hattenbach)
  35. Not sure yet: @tjaap (Jaap Meijers aka @twisst)

pre-Launch event for Friday arrivals, Friday 13 January 2012 from 20:00

On Friday evening the early arrivals - and anyone else that wants to join - is welcome for pre-launch dinner and drinks at Bierhaus Salzgass in Köln Altstadt (Salzgasse 5-7). We try to be there from 20:00 onwards. No rservations have been made, so we will see who comes. Place is open until 3am. This place is at a short walking distance from the apartment hotel where half the group is staying.

#EifelDishes - Observatories tour, Saturday 14 January 2012

A Saturday or Sunday visit to DLR Cologne and EAC is not possible, Henning double checked it - sorry!

Instead Henning suggests the following #EifelDishes field trip 10 am to 6 pm on #SpaceKoelsch2 day:

Please sign in at the #EifelDishes doodle, so we can organize transportation and let Effelsberg and Astropeiler know how many of us will show up.


Astropeiler entrance fee is 60 Euro for 15 people + 3 Euro per person for more people. So the total cost per person will be approx 4 Euro.

Other ideas for pre-SpaceKoelsch2 activities and trips in the Cologne area

What to do on Saturday, January 14, 2012 during the day?

Places to stay at in Cologne

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