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Who gets to ask a question to André and what are their questions?

Questions to André

# Name Question Answer
Christer Fuglesang How's the science going?
1  ? Question #1:
2 Erik van Blokland NL Question #2:
3 Daniel Franco ES Is there any psychological/physical effect and how are trainings?
4 Mirjam de Graaf NL Before you left, what was the picture you definitely wanted to take? South Pacific atol where he got married. Decided on that after his first trip to ISS: somewhere on the other side of the earth. It took some time (need to pass directly overhead, in daylight without clouds and then you need to find it by recognizing the shape. But he did get that picture.
5 Remco Timmermans NL Question #5: (Andre recognized Remco's name, said something like "Leuk je te horen, Remco" (or: "Nice to hear you") and then continued answering in Dutch. He then had to give a short recap in English. ;-))
6 Babette van Veen NL Have you gained a different perspective on life and our day to day problems, and what would you change? Because of his flights on ISS he is committed to preserving our beautiful earth and nature for the next generation. He already started working with WNF/WWF after his first flight.
7 Severine Klein FR Question #7:
8  ? Question #8:
9 Henning Krause DE Being able to see the planet Earth from above, what do you think about mankind's efforts to live sustainably?
10 Simon Bierwald DE You've been up there for a while now. Are there still effects of microgravity that surprise you? Most surprising: you do something, your mind is distracted and you look again and the stuff you were working with is gone, because it kept on floating along.
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